Proper tire care entails checking on the condition of the tires daily to ensure safety while on the road. Proper tire inflation slows down acceleration in wear that eventually leads to an unplanned need for tire replacement. Underinflation of tires causes a safety risk as excessive heat due to movement weakens the tire. When at high speed, an under-inflated tire loses air fast, leading to loss of vehicle control.

Overinflation of tires leads to loss of tire quality due to uneven tire wear. Friction and high speeds can cause it to burst while driving, leading to loss of your vehicle’s control. Sticking to the tire pressure recommended for the vehicle is essential for your safety and comfort. The tire pressure recommendation number is set based on your vehicle's weight, towing weight capability, tire size, and vehicle size. Jaguar Richmond can help with the information on the specified tire pressure if the vehicle's handbook is inaccessible.

You need to do a proper check before the tire runs. When run, the results are skewed as the heat makes the gas expand, mimicking a fully inflated tire. When going for maintenance at Midlothian, VA, you’ll get the checks done after a few hours of no movement and the tire pressure adjusted accordingly.

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