If you're looking for a flawless sedan, then the Jaguar XE definitely fits the bill. This performance sedan is laced in luxurious materials, has a muscular stance and is equipped with an eye-catching design. The vehicle's lines are free flowing throughout the body, and there are signature headlamps.

The interior of this car is majestic in every possible way. In-car technology is available and will come in numerous forms. This includes a 10.0-inch touchscreen display as well as a lower display that's 5.5 inches in size. Touch Pro technology is built as well as navigation. Bluetooth just so happens to be on the menu for hands-free use. Buyers can opt for 4G LTE Wi-Fi via the brand's optional Online Package. There's also a 380-watt audio system from Meridian. Five persons can sit in the cabin on leather seats.



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