No matter if you own a vehicle that has front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, its steering system might function sluggishly over time. This guide focuses on the two most common steering problems, which are oversteering and understeering.

Precision is a very important aspect of a steering system as it keeps a car's wheels properly aligned in a safe lane. Oversteering and understeering are major performance problems because they can decrease precision. When oversteering occurs, other drivers on the opposite side of the road are at risk, and understeering can be dangerous in locations that have sidewalks. Oversteering causes a quick reaction after you turn your steering wheel. If you try to drive a car that oversteers, you'll need to spin the steering wheel slightly in order to avoid maneuvering your car into oncoming traffic. Understeering puts pedestrians at risks because it changes how a car responds on the edge of the road. Typically, understeering delays the timing during a turn, which means that you'll have to rotate your wheel continuously around a curve to avoid driving onto a sidewalk.

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