A blind-spot monitor gives you "eyes" in the back of your head, helping you see what's behind you and to the side of you as you cruise through Midlothian. The blind-spot monitor isn't a standard feature, so it's still shrouded in a bit of mystery. Here's your brief intro to this lifesaving safety feature.

A High-Tech System That Watches Your Back

Blind-spot monitor systems vary between makes, but they typically consist of sensors, cameras, lasers and/or mirrors. The system delivers a visible or a tactile warning when it detects a moving vehicle approaching your blind spot or in your blind spot. The warning may be a light that appears in the driver's side mirror, a vibrating driver's seat or sometimes an audible alert, such as an alarm.

How to Shop for a Blind-Spot Monitor

The blind-spot monitor isn't standard, so some manufacturers call it a lane-departure assist feature or a lane-change warning. It's typically part of a suite of driver-assist tech, sold in packages on upper trims. To try it out in person and see how it can help keep you safe on the road, visit our dealership today for a test drive.


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