Braking and Driving Performance In The Jaguar F-TYPE

Jaguar has long been known for its top performing sports cars, and the Jaguar F-TYPE is no exception to that tradition. In addition to be a well-performing sportscar, the Jaguar F-TYPE has a luxurious interior and a sleek exterior. This vehicle is designed to handle well and brake well.

The Jaguar F-TYPE gives you four different brake options depending on how you will be driving the vehicle. For those that will be driving in high-performance and demanding conditions, carbon and ceramic brakes are available. Additional brake options are for those who will drive this Jaguar in normal driving conditions. All of the brake options provide more than adequate stopping power.

The Jaguar F-TYPE features electric power-assisted steering. This system allows you to handle the vehicle better. This is especially true in cornering and at lower speeds. When driving at highway speeds, the assistance feature aids you in keeping the Jaguar under firm control.

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